About Ayota Illustration

Rob started Ayota Illustration when he graduated from college. The name Ayota, comes from his last name, Ayotte. Since nobody seems to pronounce it or spell it right, he thought Ayota was more friendly.

Ayota Illustration was a one man operation until Rob met Carla in Texas at his best friends’ wedding in 2015. It was love a first sight, but he lived in Minneapolis and she lived in Mexico.

They started a long distance relationship and short after a long distance business too.

When Carla saw Rob’s talent, her marketing brain started to spin and that’s whey she proposed… to start a business together. And that’s how the new Ayota Illustration was born. Now Rob and Carla are married and live in Texas.

Ayota Illustration has 4 divisions:

Rob and Carla Ayotte

About Rob Ayotte

Hello! My name is Rob Ayotte and there is nothing I really enjoy doing more than creating art. I began drawing super heroes as soon as I was able to pick up a pencil, around three years old. Honestly I’ve never stopped. Every day of my life I draw something and I’m really grateful that my life is set up on a way which allows me to do that.

Although super heroes will probably always be one of my favorite things to draw, I’ve found at this point that I can craft entire worlds in two dimensions. I can do it in color, in black and white, with line or fully painted. I can create realistic illustrations or more comedic cartoonish variations.

More often than not the subject matter of my work is chosen by the level in which it inspires me. I’m drawn towards creating things that are bold and that suggest beauty and strength. Although I love creating things containing grand gestures, not knowing whats coming, keeping myself open to new ideas and taking risks can all be equally inspiring and motivating to me.

You can follow me on Instagram at: instagram.com/rob.ayotte

About Carla Ayotte

Hi! I’m Carla Ayotte, I’m a passionate marketer, who loves trying new things, but that is also in love with statistics and data. Also I’m a swimmer (not that has anything to do with this but I just like to mention it) and I do everything that’s “not art” in Ayota Illustration.

I have worked in the video game industry, editorial, logistics, and I have been doing digital marketing since I started working in the corporate world. I love exploring new tools and platforms on the web that help businesses and customers have a better experience when searching or trying to promote a product or business.

I honestly believe that artists should be artists and should not have to become also experts in marketing. One piece of artwork takes enough effort and time for them to worry about how to market it too. So, that’s why I chose this job. I’m in love with Rob’s artwork and I want the world to see it (or wear it!) too.

You can follow me on Instagram at: instagram.com/soycarli

Also we have an assistant named Cleo (she likes Batman):

Carla, Cleo and Rob Ayotte